Ryan Ordway is the California-born, New England-raised music industry jack-of-all-trades you've never heard of. He spent the last decade designing and building a trio of professional recording studios, producing hundreds of songs for clients while hoarding scores of original ideas on tape reels and hard drives. 
Ordway’s songs have been featured in multiple hit tv shows, including NBC's "The Office." For his song-writing chops, Ordway was selected to record at the famed Black Bird Studios in Nashville with producer Ken Scott (The Beatles, Elton John, David Bowie). Yet he has remained largely, the man behind the hammer and the console. With entire albums of unreleased songs, he is the speakeasy of music. But his curtain of anonymity is about to drop with the launch of Modern Clarion. 

Modern Clarion’s debut album, Nine Years, is the culmination of nine years of writing and recording across seven studios, and it is an opus to his nine-year-old daughter, Jaelyn Skye. Like the push and pull of fatherhood and rock n’ roll, Ordway’s repertoire represents something fresh that also feels deliciously familiar. Like a perfectly fitting pair of vintage jeans scored in a thrift store, Modern Clarion is the thrilling new find you'll want to wear home.





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