A Day in This Life is a full-service recording and film production studio, artist collective, and docuseries. We are headquartered in greater Portland, Maine, a city electrified by a vibrant music scene. Based in a big old farmhouse where bands congregate family-style in the kitchen and gather for impromptu song-writing sessions by the backyard bonfire, A Day in This Life Studios is an ultimate destination.


The studio and production house was custom-designed and built by our founding partners, and features a wood striped, saw-tooth ceiling, electric green walls, and the only API 1608 recording console North of Boston. The result is a stunning analogue sound studio with an all-star line-up of gear. Our producers offer soup-to-nuts album production, proven music licensing expertise, and an artist development program to polish emerging artists and promote their music. Equipped with cinema quality film gear, we provide value-added services, including live-streamed house concerts, music videos, and artist profiles.  

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